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MANIMA Sicilian Hand Embroidery

Sicilian embroidery is characterised by vibrant colours and intricate designs, often featuring floral or geometric patterns. The most common styles are needle point, drawn thread or cutwork embroidery. Drawn thread style is one of the most stunning, and is a thousand years old, with significant influence from Greek, Norman and Arabian techniques.

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Saline Resort Collection

Discover our romantic and essential Saline Resort Collection. Wherever you are, enjoy the feeling of Sicilian summer and immerse yourself in the artistry of Sicily’s finest pulled thread hand-embroidery, with these pieces made of precious pure Italian linen. 

The Kazumi Yoshida Collaboration

This collaboration with Kazumi isn’t just a fusion of two art forms, combining paint work and hand embroidery, it is where different cultures meet. It is a journey of discovery that surpasses their respective cultural boundaries.
Using a range of colours reminiscent of Braque and Picasso, Kazumi takes us on an Afrofuturistic Odyssey. It represents the amalgamation of many distinct cultural heritages and artistic legacies that have developed through our human history, reminding us of who we are and were we came from.
Our master embroiderers weren’t just stitching these symbols, but they interpreted them. It is a celebration of artistic expression, cultural diversity and the power of collaboration to create something truly extraordinary.
The Zero G chair features a retrofuturistic expression of African colours and shapes with a palpable cubistic touch. The fusion of cultures is a key theme for MANIMA, a brand born in Sicily, a place which like nowhere else is embodied by a unique melting pot of influences, styles, stories and people.