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Manima Digital Atelier

Digital Atelier

MANIMA has created an innovative Digital Atelier, a model of “door-to-door entrepreneurship”, allowing for women to work as artisans no matter where they are. This plays a large part in our goals to reduce female unemployment in underserved areas of the country.

The technological platform is based on integrated software solutions which allow us to optimise all processes end- to-end, from creation to commercialisation. The heart of our systems is a digital suite to connect our workers and headquarters digitally, enabling us to keep constant communication, to train, control and streamline all workflows in a fully integrated digital ecosystem, while making artistic handcrafts scalable in an organic way. It also allows us to create, collaborate and design together with our clients, streamlining the customisation process working digitally as one.


While each of our products is entirely hand-made in Sicily, from the first idea to the final product and customer care, our processes are supported by enabling technology. 

Digital designs, including 3D renderings are the basis of each product we develop. A special software application on a Digital Suite allows us to communicate with our embroiderers, to share with them the work to be done, the images and instructions, to follow the progress and take corrective action where needed. All software applications are connected to the ERP to increase efficiency and manage orders, production, deliveries and invoicing all together. 

Our Digital Atelier  is what makes MANIMA scalable and allows us to manage many artisans in different locations at the same time without ever compromising our quality.

Recognitions and Awards

MANIMA was chosen by the Italian Agency of Economic Development (Invitalia) for funding and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture. Manima won the PMX 2031 (Premio Marzotto Lazio Innova Award) in 2020, as well as the Special Award Boost Your Ideas by Lazio Innova in 2022 and was chosen by Bankers without Boundaries in London for its acceleration program.

This project was co-funded with European funds for 210.472,63 EUR through the program Cultura Crea 2.0, with the aim to create  the first Digital Atelier for artisans in Europe, allowing them to work from their homes at fair and transparent conditions, connected through our digital platform. Thanks to these funds the platform we’re able to generate work opportunities for women spread in the territory and are opening our first atelier/showroom in Palermo.