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Kalòs Kai Agathòs​

Kalòs Kai Agathòs​​

Our guiding principle is the ancient Greek dictum καλὸς καί ἀγαθός (kalòs kai agathòs), which recognises the coexistence of beauty and morality. At MANIMA, we aim to promote authenticity and sustainability through our products and to generate a positive social impact for people and the environment.

PATHOS = Consciousness

MANIMA celebrates the heritage of its Sicilian roots, based on a distinct knowledge passed down through generations; a culture not only steeped in tradition but where creativity flourishes.

LOGOS = Knowledge

MANIMA means wisdom and expertise. Our embroiderers are the heirs of centuries of tradition and outstanding craftswomen. We strive to preserve this knowledge and pass it down to a new generation of artisans.

ETHOS = Community

MANIMA embodies a new concept of regenerative luxury, where everyone in the value chain is respected in a collective spirit of inclusivity, collaboration and authenticity.

Soul of Beauty

The Soul of Beauty found in Sicily is the result of thousands of years of diverse influences on the island. Sicily is a melting pot of cultures, a crossroad of civilisations. Everyone from the Phoenicians to the Greeks, the Romans to the Arabs, and the Normans to the Spanish have at some time laid their claim on the island. Its long history of occupation has determined its unique character, which is a cocktail of warmth and exoticism.
The unique mix of cultures, as well as the rich nature, are at the root of the creative soul, which means artisanal traditions are still alive. Artisanal crafts are still omni-present in Sicily, ranging from wood work to artistic embroidery. Inspirations are found at every corner in cities as much as in small villages and historic sites, and visible in artisanal crafts, which are an expression of different architectural styles, patterns, materials and colours.

Regenerative Luxury

From Ancient Greece to the present day, the concept of luxury has always been an object of dispute between those considering luxury as an aspirational and improving force in society and those who see luxury as an enemy of virtue. Even today luxury continues to be a major sociological issue, because it has to do with social stratification, the notion of practical utility, waste and wealth distribution.
We believe that luxury must be redefined. The growing desire for truly unique products, services and experiences, must develop hand in hand with the absolute need to preserve our planet and to respect people working in the luxury industry.
We can’t talk about sustainability if we don’t act sustainably first. We can’t talk about ethics if we don’t respect everyone in the value chain.
MANIMA’s mission is to offer true and authentic luxury with a regenerative effect on local communities and on the environment.


MANIMA is tackling the pressing problem of female unemployment, all too prevalent in Sicily, where 70% of women are excluded from the labour market. MANIMA aims to help train and integrate women in vulnerable conditions by providing them with dignifying and empowering work opportunities.

We offer women the possibility to work from wherever suits them, integrating professional training, productive collaboration, logistical management tools and the interoperability of systems in a unique and combined offline and online ecosystem. This builds the basis for our scalability, without having to sacrifice authenticity, exclusivity and high quality; all of which are inherent to true luxury.

The possibility to work from home has had a direct positive impact on:

1– The risks and costs related to reaching workplaces in impoverished areas

2– The quality of work-life balance

3– The ability to self-manage their own work